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The on-demand transportation space is crowded

February 5, 2013

Lyft Sidecar uber

The number of options for the local transportation in SF has been on the steady rise. If you are in no mood to drive, you can choose from the old school cabs (run by multiple companies), plush and lavish Uber, pink-mustache bearing vehicles from Lyft and Sidecar. If you don’t own a car and either have an urge to enjoy (or grapple with) the slopes of SF or need the car for a few hours of the day, you can rent from companies such as Zipcar or wheelz or rent from individuals using platforms such as Relayrides or Getaround . What was interesting till a few days ago was that each of the players had differentiated value propositions reflected by their price points. Things changed when Uber launched Uber X in July 2012 at 35% discounted price, comparable to the prices for Lyft and SideCar. And then yesterday, Uber made its intentions clearer by announcing that its deal with California Public Utilities Commission will allow the company to start ride-sharing service in California in the near future and to slash Uber X prices further down. (more…)


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