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Making sense of Yahoo’s recent acquisitions

March 27, 2013

Gold-buying-companyYahoo! has acquired 6 companies in last 9 months after Marissa Mayer joined as CEO – Ontheair, Alike, Stamped, Snip-it, Jybe, and Summly. According to Yahoo’s corporate development department – “Primarily Yahoo! wants to buy small, failed startups with excellent teams for very little money.” Tech bloggers and experts have attempted to put together these pieces in a broader and long-term context.

Before we delve any deeper, let’s understand the problem each of these companies were trying to solve before Yahoo! picked them up – (more…)


Google’s marketing opportunities

March 4, 2013

Don Draper SofaGoogle has been in the news a lot recently. The stock is trading at all time high. The company was one of the victims of the Chinese hackers’ attack. The Internship, an upcoming summer movie featuring successful and popular duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, is about two salesmen beating all the odds to secure coveted internships at Google. A report from 9to5google surfaced about the possibility of Google opening its physical retail stores. (more…)

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